Liquid Stir Equipment
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  • Inline High-shear Mixers
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  • Portable Mixer
  • Impeller Process Technology
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  • ME-300 Series Baffle-plate Disperse
  • Colloid Wet Milling Machine
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  • HLD Series Solid-liquid Continuous Disperser Machine
    Dope Blender
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  • WZ Agravic mixer
  • DL Screw Cone Mixers
  • LDH Colter Mixer
  • w-shape Mixer
  • SYH Series Three Dimensional Mixer
  • HF Series Square-tape Mixer
    QSH Series Steam-water Mixer
  • QSH Series Steam-water Mixer
    Static Mixer
  • Introduction
  • SV-static Mixer
  • SK-static Mixer
  • SX-static Mixer
  • SL-static Mixer
  • SH-static Mixer
  • SN-Distributors
    Pipeline Filte
  • Introduction
  • Y-shape Filter
  • T-shape Filter
  • Basket-shape Filter
  • Temporary filter
  • Gas Filter
  • Bag Fine Filter

    Portable Mixer

      ¡ôMulti-directional clamp for horizontal and vertical adjustment.  
      ¡ôThe mix shaft deviates from the central position, and forms a certain angle with vertical direction while work.  
      ¡ôThe angle between the shaft and vertical direction is 5¡ã~20¡ã. According to Rushton Theorem, swirl phenomena and dead corner will never happen even without baffle in the tank.  
      ¡ôPortability, Minitype.  
      ¡ôFood £­ Cream, Chocolate, Milk, Soy, Chili sauce, Bearnaise, Syrup etc.  
      ¡ôDope £­ Ink, Oil paint etc.  
      ¡ôChemicals £­ Cosmetic, Latex etc  
      ¡ôDyeing £­ Dyestuff, TiO2, Mucilage glue etc.  
      ¡ôPharmaceutical £­ Pesticide, Medicine  
      ¡ôSewagetreatment £­ (Al)2(SO4)3  
      ¡ôBrewage £­ Beer and other alcohol  
      ¡ôPurificatory Water Factory£­ Tap water and Industrial water    
      ¡ôOil Company £­ Raw oil, gasoline, mineral pitch, asphalt, methanol, benzene and toluene    
      ¡ôOthers £­ Dissolve, mix, diathermancy, absorption, reaction, dilution, emulsification, suspend and crystallization.    
      Dimensions Chart      
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