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    HLD Series Solid-liquid Continuous Disperser Machine

        HLD2000 mixer is best fit for big batch continuous-duty production-scale operation. According to the proper ratio of the liquid and solid (powder or small particle), we can get the product directly from the mix and disperser of the mixture.
      Solid-liquid Continuous Disperser Machine can realize big batch continuous-duty operation of the solid and liquid, which is mixed in a proper ratio. The rotor/stator generates an intense vacuum and sucks in powders and liquids into the rotor-stator area. Combined by the high-efficient raw material transmission, the quality of end-products is assured to achieve the ideal result; automatic operation also makes it easier to be integrated with your existing equipments

    #Aluminium suspension

    #CaCO3 suspension
    # Big batch solid dissolving
    #Large particle mixing such as 
     - flour
     - amylum
     - resin
      Advantagements of the HLD      
      #All powder is sucked into the dispersing chamber in one time without any liquid contact. In view of it, the HLD System is widely applied in easy-to-expand powder processing, such as fibrin, amylum, xanthan gum, bentonite etc.
    #Simple craft design can save you a lot of assemblies, such as vessels, pipelines, valves and stirrers.
    #The HLD System is also featured by its strong ability of powder depolymerization, which can avoid skinning or lumping in traditional processing. The typical example is nano-sized particle powder dispersing.
    #High solid-content material is easy to have high viscosity in saturation condition, due to technical limitations of common mixing equipments, wetting agent or dispersing machine is usually assembled. While applying HLD Dispersing / Mixing System in production, powder is quickly sucked and mixed with liquid in dispersing chamber, and transmitted in the form of suspension, via the high shear force in working chamber, viscosity is lowered to the bottom, so no side-effect had on inner viscosity and thixotropy.
    #In applying HLD Processing System in manufacture, powder is sucked and evenly distributed in flowing liquid stream at high speed, lumping or skinning can be avoided. When passing through stator-rotor structure, any agglomerate is thoroughly dispersed. The special design for suction chamber is in fully consideration of the material characteristics, flow features and air content. So you can expect high solid content in end product.
    #Another advantage of this machine is the high vacuum in draft tube, by which powder agglomerate left in feed inlet is thoroughly dissolved, including some heavy powder like limestone, Fe2O3, TiO2 etc.
    # HLD system can easily with the existing complete set of equipment conformity in the same place, not need again other change vessel.

      Batch & Inline models      

    Batch model
    Powders like fumed silica, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gums, thickeners and many pigments are difficult to wet out. Even with a strong vortex in an open vessel, they resist wetting out, and often float on the surface for hours. Our new HLD equipment enables you to wet out powders almost instantly. It sucks solids directly into the high shear rotor-stator where they are immediately wetted out and dispersed into the liquid stream.

    Inline models
    The rotor/stator generates an intense vacuum and sucks in powders and liquids into the rotor-stator area. A feed tube adjacent to the back of the rotor provides a path to inject solids directly into the stream. The solids are combined and mixed into the flowing stream at the same point; the mixer is capable of handling extraordinarily large volumes of solids without clogging.

    #Suitable for small batch production
    #Never produce skin in tank
    #High disperser
    #High solid-content material is also available
    #Dispersed phase is added homogeneously
    #Pipeline type HLD can directly the powder from the material package, the remnants or the silo absorbs, moreover does not produce any dust. The dispersion system uses high cutting to decide the rotor system.
    # convenient, suits the installment in each kind of vessel base.
    # Can process the powder which inflates or meet the powder which the liquid becomes very much sticks.
    # High dispersion rate
    # Can process the high solid content material
    #Transmission liquid flow
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