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    Vertical blenders

      Cantilevered shaft with no product contact at bearings.
    #Special impeller design ensures complete and intensive mixing and blending, it also makes machine be applied in low-velocity liquids and high-velocity ointment. The blending screw orbits the conical vessel wall while it turns and gently lifts material upward. The materials are then thrust at the upper most batch level towards the center of the vessel, and then move slowly back down the center, while mixing with materials being moved upward by the orbiting screw. High degrees of homogeneity achieved.
    #Standard driver box can realize steady operation and low cost maintenance.
    #Narrow slot between the agitator and vessel wall prevent product build-up there.
    #Appropriate shaft seal systems for different application. Installing the shaft seal away from the product enables the tried-and-tested Hunlong¨s standard agitator seals to be used.
    #GMP design----- special O-ring geometries, high quality surface finishes and the absence of dead spaces.
    #CIP concepts thought out to the last detail guarantee validatable cleaning procedures.
    #Disperse mounted on top can prevent lumps forming.
    #Suitable for low fluid or obvious phase-changed materials.
    #With full jacketing heat, it becomes an ideal drier consists of mixing, condensing, drying and crushing function..

    Solid powder mixing, fine chemicals, pigments and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
    #Crystalline powders sensitive to shear.
    #Low fluid or obvious phase-changed materials.
    #The equipment design (agitated vessel) lends itself well to the typical layout concept in chemical plants.
      Main Features    
    Special impeller design ensures completeness and intensive mix and blender.
    #The product is displaced upward near to the wall and flows downward again at the center..
    #achieve not the accurate mix
    #Hunlong¨s mix impeller cooperated with baffle makes it possible to process liquid and paste-like products.



          Blender      Baffle                        Spray      Shatter head
      Dimensions Chart      
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