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    SH-Double Planetary Blender

    #Soft seal between the machine seal and vessel can realize vacuum operation .
    #Heating system, various options available, such as electrical heat, steam heat and oil-water circulation heat. Special temperature control device can ensure correction. Cooling system, internal jacket..
    #Inner wall of vessel is accurately machined by large-sized standing machine tool and polished by large-sized automatic polishing machine. In this way, the movable scraper on the shelf will scrape off all stuffs attaching on inner wall of tank when it is revolving.
    #Double rims or muti-blades impellers are mounted on the bottom of vessel. They rotate on their own axes, while they orbit the mix vessel on a common axis, In this way, the martial inside the vessel will be mixed adequately in all directions so that stuffs can be well mixed in very short time.
    #Speed variation: Variable Frequency Drive (according to different velocity).
        SH-Double Planetary Blender consists of mixing and dispersing functions, and widely applied in produce of electronic electrode plasm, stickiness, mould glue, tin paste, silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant, anaerobic glue, paint, pigment, etc.
      SH-Double Planetary Blender is applied in high velocity material (10000~1500000 cps).
      Note: 1. flowing tubing head pressure fluctuation;
       2. vacuum degree <= -0.098;
       3. uses the frequency conversion adjustment
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