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    DRB Ribbon Mixer

    DRB Ribbon Mixer operation system is based on the importation of G&M. And it is mainly applied in pharmaceutical, food, fine chemicals, pesticide, plastic, pigments and cosmetic. etc.
    The capacity of DRB is range from 0.008 m3 ~ 20m3, and alterable power and speed can meet different demand. Perfect produce process and high quality materials ensure long-life and security.

      Viable choice for design  
      ◆Capacity: 0.008 m3 ~ 20 m3.  
      ◆Materials: totally carbon steel, stainless steel, equipment contacts with stuffs is made of stainless steel or other special alloys.    
      ◆Cooling system: internal jacket..    
      ◆Pressure & vacuum construction.    
      ◆Export: bottom center, bottom edge.    
      ◆Accessory: Spray equipment, mince machine, starlike discharge valve, helix transmission machine and electrical control box. etc.    
      ◆Standard pulley, sliding, spherical and built-in discharge valve.    
      ◆U shape and columnar tank.  
      ◆Ribbon ribbon agitator or special paddle for mixer.  

      ◆Direct transport, strap transport, coupling transport, fluid couplings transport.    
        Ribbon Blenders consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a specially fabricated ribbon agitator. A ribbon agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical agitators. The outer ribbon moves materials in one direction and the inner ribbon moves the materials in the opposite direction. The ribbons rotate and move materials both radially and laterally to insure thorough blends in short cycle times.    
      Advantages (compared with others)      
      ◆Powerful blending, applied in solid-solid, solid-liquid, liquid-liquid mixing and blending.      
      ◆High precision: When powder and powder ratio is at 1:10000, the standard deviation is just 3 × 10-5.   Fluid strength coupler actuation: The special torque control may guarantee the machine starts in the full load situation, prevented by danger which causes in the excess load.
      ◆Gentle blending, large capacity and the capacity coefficient is 0.7 ~ 0.9.    
      ◆Sanitary type construction, without rotation in the tank.    
      ◆Well seal, perfect driver and low noise.      
      ◆Portable structure, simple operation and easy maintenance.      

      DRB Series Ribbon Mixer      
    Ribbon ribbon agitato
      Note: ◆ the above parameter take the material proportion 0.6 as a datum.      
         ◆request according to the user to carry on the design manufacture      
    DRB-A spiral strip type mixer (U tube body)

      Discharge valves      
    Standard pulley valve
    Glide valve
    Ball valve
    Embedded valve
    Note: ◆ the above parameter take the material proportion 0.6 as a datum.
       ◆ may request according to the user to carry on the design manufacture specially
    DRB-B spiral strip type mixer (cylinder)
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