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      Hunlong¨s DL Screw Cone Mixer is widely applied in various mixing in industrial produce, even more complex vacuum drying process.
    The blending screw orbits the conical vessel wall while it turns and gently lifts material upward. The materials are then thrust at the upper most batch level towards the center of the vessel, and then move slowly back down the center, while mixing with materials being moved upward by the orbiting screw.
    The capacity of DL Screw Cone Mixer is range from 0.02829 m3 ~ 14.15 m3, with good performance and long use life, and alterable vacuum and non-vacuum can meet different demands. Special screw without support design can improve the discharge efficiency.
    DL Screw Cone Mixers application to be widespread, the agitation is rapid, the screw rod base does not have the support, enhances the material effect large scale, conforms to the GMP standard.

    VSH-D Spiral strap conical mixer

        The stuff turns over up and down under the motivation of spiral strap on stirring shaft, which is driven by reduction gear of the machine. The stuff is forced to move downward by central helix and is pushed by the outer helix upward along the barrel wall, causing a circulating flow, which ensures excellent mixing.
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