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    LDH Colter Mixer

        Hunlong¨s LDH Colter Mixer (mixer for short hereinafter) is a new type of high-efficiency mixing equipment for powders. The mixer can be applied to mixing solid and solid (adding liquid to powder) and compound processes such as moisture granulating, drying, condensation and so on in chemical industry, medicine, food, feedstuff, fuel, metallurgy and mining etc.
      The colter rotates around the axes after the mixer is switched on, carrying the material for turbulent motion along the square cylinder radially and throwing the material along the normal lines on the both sides of the colter.
    When the material that is thrown out or makes circular turbulent motion flows through the fly cutter set, it is thrown out by the on-the-fly cutters rapidly and powerfully. Under the combined action of the preceding colter and fly cutters, the material is replaced and diffused on and on so as to be well mixed in a relatively short time. The mixing accuracy is relatively high. When solid is mixed with liquid, mixed liquid should be sprayed on the moving material inside the cylinder evenly via the spraying device.

      #The mixer is mainly composed of driving part, horizontal cylinder, colter, fly cutter set, bleeder valve and spraying device etc.
    The driving part of the mixer includes reduction gear and clutch. It functions to turn the motor's action into requested speed and torque and send them the complicated cutter shaft.
    #The horizontal cylinder is rolled with steel plate for material containing. There are several holes on the cylinder built for material feeding and observation. The fulcrum bearing of colter shaft is fastened on the cover boards on the both ends of the cylinder.
    #The colter set is made up of colter, colter arm and chief axis. The colter is installed on the chief axis through the colter arm. Being of Half structure, it is easy to remove.
    #The fly cutter set is made up of many fly cutters, which is directly driven by the slave motor. It is installed on the side of the cylinder. To prevent dust from entering the bearing, the fly cutter bearing is prepared with several layers of hermetically sealed construction.
    #The bleeder valve is installed at the bottom of the cylinder (except uninterrupted discharging) to close and discharge materials. Its operation is realized via handle and four-bar mechanism.
    #The spraying device of the mixer is fastened on the circumference of the cylinder. The nozzle is agricultural nozzle, which presents perfect spraying effect.
    # May have custom-made: Clamp cover warming, cooling, dry.
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