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    High Speed Dispersers

      FS100 High Speed Dispersers  
    #The conventional use of High Speed Dispersers is the small particles in fluid suspensions. The character of suspended particles is the small particles can¨t deposit by the influence of gravity. During the process of dispersedness, several processes occurred at the same time:
      # The surface of solid particles is wetted by the fluid.  
      #SSolid particles are compelled into smaller particles by high speed rotated blade.  
      # Wetting and flocculent assistant forces are due to the interaction between small particles and fluid. Furthermore, the effect of wetness and flocculation is also determined by this interaction.  
      #Power: 0.45 kW  
      #Voltage: 220 V, 50Hz  
      #Speed: 0~8000 rpm  
      #Infinitely Variable from 0 to Max Speed, Digital Display.。  
      #The driver mounted to allow raising and lowering.  
      TM010 High Speed Dispersers    
      Dimensions Chart      
      FS-20 High Speed Dispersers      
      Dimensions Chart      
      FSY Tri-shaft mixer      
        Gather the low speed mix blend and the high speed dispersion in the integral whole. It is suitable for the medium/high viscosity and thixotropic materials. The procedure turn ensure the widely application, such as dissolve, dyeing, especially for batch production of emulsible lacquer.  
      Dimensions Chart      
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