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    WZ Agravic Mixer

      WZ Agravic mixer is widely applied in the fine chemicals, cosmetic, wash, pesticide, pharmacy, pigment, food, monosodium glutamate, brewing, building material, feedstuff, china, dope, resin, rubber and additive.
        Impellers whose double shafts rotate in opposite directions are installed in the cylinder of WZ Agravic Mixer. The impellers are superposed and a certain angle is formed. The impellers rotate to throw material to the space flowing layer and instantaneous loss of weight is caused. Then materials fall into the opposite area each other. The materials are mixed to and blended, a flow-form agravic area and a vortex flow come into being in the middle. Materials move radially along the axis so that all-sided compound circulation is formed. Thus, stuffs are mixed adequately in all directions in very short time.
      Construction Features    
      #This machine could mix a wide range of materials. Laminal emanation won't happen when materials whose specific gravities are of great disparity and different materials are mixed.
    #When powder and powder ratio is at 1:1000, the standard deviation is 3~8/100,000 and the content fluctuation error <2% (mutagenic factor).
    #High speed. The mixing of powder and powder just takes 2~3 minutes.
    #While solid is mixed with liquid, cylinder cover should be equipped with liquid feeding device or sprayer unit. .
    #It takes discontinuous operation. The bleeder valve adopts long type double door discharging. Both manual type and pneumatic type are available for the bleeder valve.

    Warming, cooling, clamp cover
    # Tube body # Leaves material valve #Heats up the clamp cover
    # Hot water import # Mixing paddle # Speed reducer
    # Chain wheel # Mixing axis # Feed inlet
    # Manhole # Spray nozzle # Hot water exportation
      Note: Above product material quality minute carbon steel C, stainless steel P, the particular data please
       refer the equipment instruction for use.
    Instantaneous weightlessness granule mixer
    # feed inlet # tube body # paddle blade # discharge hole
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