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    Gas Filter

      1. SBQ gas Filter    
      2. SBFQ gas Filter  
      SBFQ gas purifier product outline          

      The SBFQ gas purifier is one kind new, the highly effective gas dust removal equipment, widely uses in the petroleum, the gas industry department general dust content gas host pipeline and the by-path.
      Also is the city natural gas, the coal vents one's anger loses matches the system safety, moves reliably the essential gas purification equipment. Has the structure advanced, the dust removal efficiency high, merits and so on operation maintenance convenience.

      SBFQ gas purifier product outline  

      the main point        
        Selects this series product to have to indicate the medium, the service pressure and the temperature.
    The SBFQ gas purifier mainly uses in the dry gas filtration, when the medium watery is high, should install the predissociation in front of the equipment which our company produces, guarantees the filter effect.
      SBFQ gas purifier product specification    
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