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    Impeller Process Technology


        Hunlong¨s impeller process technology is effectively applied across your spectrum of applications ensuring successful, repeatable results from lab scale to full scale operations. We will design and produce the equipment according to customers¨ craft parameter and mixer requirement.  
    Six straight turbine wheels
    Six concave turbine wheels
    Master screw advancement oar
     Provides the high shear action, suitable for mad - the fluid, the fluid - fluid system disperser in the low viscosity
       Provides the high shear action, is suitable in the low viscosity fluid
     Has the high pump over function, uses in the low viscosity fluid the mix, the circulation and so on

    Disc denticle impeller
    Anchor type paddle blade
    Spiral belt - - propeller
     Has high speed cutting, is suitable in, the low viscosity fluid disperser  suitable in, the macroviscosity liquid mix and the heat transfer  suitable in, the low viscosity fluid system. change impeller parameter and combination , available in: The solid - fluid aerosol, was mad - the fluid disperses, fluid - processes and so on .

        Note: Above agitation impeller selects for the user when refers, still some many agitation impeller for user design manufacture
    MDE mixing paddle
    Two speed combination oar
     suitable in the macroviscosity fluid mix and the heat transfer, produces good about mixes  suitable in medium viscosity processes and so on fluid disperser, mix, heat transfer
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